The Best Breakfast Sandwich

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I’ve always said that behavior modification is much easier than behavior elimination. The idea is – let’s take an expensive habit and replace it with a less expensive, but better quality product done at home. And that’s what led me to want to write this post. My wife and I are fanatical about our breakfast burritos. Seriously, fanatical. But those are kind of a pain in the butt to make. So we’ve experimented a bit with breakfast sandwiches and have found a recipe that almost entirely removed our desire to eat our for breakfast. This is, of course, the recipe for the famous Frugal Feline Breakfast Sandwich.

The Recipe

The recipe is pretty easy. Here’s what you need:

  • Eggs (1 per sandwich)
  • Buns (We prefer sourdough english muffins)
  • Pesto (Costco makes the best pesto you’ve ever had)
  • Butter (We do Kerrygold because we are fancy like that)
  • Cheese (We do goat cheese, but whatevs)
  • Spinach or other green (Because we healthy like that!)
  • Everything But The Bagel Seasoning (A small but critical part of this)


Step 1

Cook your eggs however you like them – scrambled, over easy, over hard. Add some Everything But The Bagel seasoning to them as they cook. Meanwhile, toast your buns. While those babies are all getting warmed up, grab your toppings and spreads.

Step 2

Start with your toasted buns and add a slice of butter. If the buns are still warm, that butter will melt down. Then put your pesto on top of the melted butter. This slice is ready to go so let it hang out and wait for the other to catch up.

Step 3

On the other bun, put your cheese down to give it a chance to adhere to the heated bun. I like to put some everything but the bagel seasoning on the melted cheese. Take your cooked eggs and put them on top of the cheese side. Then a small amount of your greens.

Step 4

Take the bun with the butter/pesto concoction (woah, weird word to spell) and smash it on top of the egg and spinach side.

Step 5

Prepare for an explosion of flavor in your mouth! Seriously, this is one of the most delicious, made from home breakfast sandwiches we’ve ever had!

Okay, maybe it won’t be the best you’ve ever had. But they are pretty dang good. Add a well made coffee with fresh beans and you’ve got yourself a pretty amazing breakfast made from home for a few bucks.

Made From Home

I have some thoughts here. Observing culture right now, we continue to do less and less ourselves. Continue to outsource everything, but the quality isn’t getting better anymore. In fact, the quality is often worse. I understand if you want to outsource the lawn to the neighborhood kid for $25 an hour. But we all eat out most meals. We get our coffee from the drive through. We don’t make anything anymore.

Call this a rant, but I’m noticing lately that prices are going up while quality of service and product is going down. We used to love eating out. Sorry, LOVE eating out. But now when we go out, not only is the service crap, the prices are up, and we know the quality of food is down. Four out of 5 times when we go out we leave with regret because the cost/value trade off is way out of wack.

We are learning to do more things ourselves because in our opinion we just aren’t seeing the value in outsourcing as much anymore.

It’s Not Really About The Breakfast Sandwich

Yeah, it’s a dope breakfast sandwich. I know it. And now you know it. But let’s be honest, this post really isn’t about breakfast sandwiches. This post is about our slow realization that our world is changing. Maybe our culture is changing. We find ourselves getting priced out of outsourcing. And I’m not talking about affordability necessarily, but a decrease in the value for our cost.

We get a ton of value from this breakfast sandwich. It’s affordable, easy to make, and tastes freaking good. Yeah, we could go somewhere else and pay $14 for a comparable breakfast sandwich, but that cost keeps going up and it’s starting to hit a breaking point for us.

We just got back from a 3 week trip across the western US and could not find a decent cup of coffee to save our lives. What is happening to our world? When we do find a legit coffee shop with real, fresh, locally roasted coffee beans, you’re looking at $4 for a 12oz cup of coffee. And Mrs. Frugal Feline is not so frugal when it comes to her bougie taste in alt milk. So let’s call it $10 out the door for us to get a solid cup of joe that feels like home.

I’m just saying.

Worth mentioning here that our coffee setup is rocking amazing cups of coffee at $0.40 a cup. I go into detail about our exact equipment in this post and would recommend to people at least buying whole beans and storing them in a $20 airtight container.

More To Come

Be sure to comment if you liked this recipe and want more. Mrs. Frugal Feline makes some amazing food from home and we keep doing it more often because it’s just killing our finances to eat out and it’s not worth it anymore. So drop a comment if you want more recipes and we will make sure to keep posting them.

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