The Frugal Feline is an alias. But the truth is, there is a frugal feline in most of us. A desire to get control of our personal finances and set ourselves and our families up for a life of control and financial well being.

If you’ve ever had a cat, you know that cat’s tend to be very happy with little. They don’t need the fanciest of places to live, or things to do. Heck, more times than not, you’ll notice a cat having an awesome time just playing with an empty cardboard box.

The Frugal Feline was created to help people get control of their personal expenditures. We are so caught up in thinking that in order to become financially well off, we need to explode our income. While this may be true and helpful, if you are not first in control of your expenses, I promise you’ll find that your expenses will continue to pace your income, no matter how high it goes. Just look at all the examples of lottery winners.

It’s not about income. It’s about controlling our expenses. The Frugal Feline is your furry friend who will show you over 100 ways to reduce your living expenses and set yourself up for a life free of financial stresses, worries, and burdens.

Want the life of a relaxed house cat? Listen up to the Frugal Feline. He has lot’s to say.