The purpose of this site is to provide actionable information on the common reasons we live paycheck to paycheck. From experience, I know that my cost of living has always adjusted up to my income. This made me realize that the key to breaking out of the paycheck to paycheck cycle is getting in control of where our money is going. It’s not all about increasing our income.

The Frugal Feline is a metaphor for the type of person that can be happy with less. It’s a metaphor for someone who thinks carefully before taking action. And someone who is relentless about getting rid of the rats running ramped in our homes, slowly eating away at our paychecks.

We must realize that the key to building wealth lies in controlling our spending and being smart with the money we have. Yes, it is always great to increase our income. But if we don’t first get our expenses under control, it won’t matter whether we make $45,000 or $450,000. We will find a way to spend every single dollar of it.

The Path More Traveled

The Path Less Traveled